23andme: how to use genetic testing while ensuring privacy

How to use 23andMe without giving up your genetic privacy
Sarah A. Downey, venturebeat.com

Sarah A. Downey is an attor­ney, pri­va­cy ana­lyst, and writer at Abine, an online pri­va­cy start­up in Boston. Find her on Twit­ter @SarahADowney.

If you’re like me, the idea of know­ing what’s in your genet­ic pro­file is both…


Mysterious Apple office in Boston linked to voice tech

Check out this interesting article

Mysterious Apple office in Boston linked to voice tech | Apple – CNET News.

Incredible Thermal Imaging Video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Hiding

English: Thermal imaging Khmer houses
English: Thermal imaging Khmer houses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brian Barrett, gizmodo.com

While we had previously seen the stunning thermal images that helped police confirm that Boston Marathon bombing suspect was indeed hiding in a boat, under a tarp, now the raw video of the camera in action has been released.

Incredible Thermal Imaging Video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Hiding http://flip.it/A320R http://flip.it/Z51Zq

Incredible Thermal Imaging Video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Hiding

Nanotechnology heater and cooling body wear

How Winter Woes Inspired A Nanotech Fix For Everything From Cold Necks To Knee Pain
By Shaunacy Ferro, popsci.com

Kranthi Kiran Vistakula developed technology that can keep your body comfortable in outside temperatures that range from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius.

With the excep­tion of Russ­ian nov­el­ists, not many peo­ple can say their big break was inspire…

RT @PopSci: Tech Transfer: How a hatred of Boston’s climate led to technology to manage knee and joint pain. http://flip.it/03oG5 http://flip.it/MMKI4

Mitt’s son says he was not up for the job

Mitt’s Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway
Connor Simpson, theatlanticwire.com

If you thought the tale of how Mitt Rom­ney lost the gen­er­al elec­tion was already told, you would be wrong. Because there is so much left to tell, like how Mitt never want­ed to be Pres­i­dent any­way.

At least, that’s what Tagg Rom­ney says …

RT @TheAtlanticWire: Mitt’s Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway http://flip.it/TvMCh http://flip.it/4qmA1

Boston natural gas leaks

Boston has a few thousand gas leaks it shouldn’t worry about
pbgrist, grist.org

Just FYI, Bostonon­i­an­ites, there’s a nat­ur­al gas leak under your city. Not a big deal. It’s a lit­tle one. Lit­tle small lit­tle nat­ur­al gas leak.

And a tiny bit of addi­tion­al bad news — there are also over 3,300 other such leaks.



6 Reasons Layoffs Are Really Dumb

Erik Sherman, inc.com


It seems like smart just-in-time staffing: You hire for big projects and then let people go when they wrap up. But here’s why it hurts more than it helps.

For the most part, there aren’t many par­al­lels between the cutting-edge…


6 Reasons Layoffs Are Really Dumb

Health 2.0 Challenge #1: Getting Doctors Off Fax

Health 2.0 Challenge #1: Getting Doctors Off Fax Machines
Richard MacManus, readwriteweb.com

Today at the DC to VC: Health IT Start­up Show­case, a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Mor­gen­thaler Ven­tures and the Health 2.0 Con­fer­ence, I saw first­hand how health IT star­tups are tack­ling big, real-world prob­lems. Com­ing from a world where…


A linguistic taste of Massachusetts

The Massachusetts State-house in Boston, Massa...
The Massachusetts State-house in Boston, Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hilarious. For anyone who has ever gone to “Dunkin”. If you are going to work in the Boston tech and science community, you need to “speak the language”….

A linguistic taste of Massachusetts – Boston.com.

Biotechs engineer ancient organisms and speed product development

National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reprod...
National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reproduction allowed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Boston biotech companies such as Ginkgo BioWorks, Cambrian Innovation, and Manus Biosynthesis are tapping into ancient organisms and new IT capabilities to produce new solutions that are environmentally clean, US based, and fast with as little as 6 month product development life cycles. Gingko notes that 1/4 of their employees are software developers and they are run more like a chip fabrication factory, with robotic automation and bar-coding than a bio lab. The products they are developing include new electrofuels, fine chemicals such as flavors, fragrances, remediation technologies, bio-similars support and new genetic security systems using DOE, NSF, and DARPA grants.

Researchers making microbes that can do the dirty work – Boston.com.


TypesOfNewProducts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)