Pencil: the coolest, natural iPad stylus

Meet Pencil: The Best iPad Stylus Yet, From the Makers of ‘Paper’
Kyle VanHemert,

As Georg Petschnigg, one of FiftyThree’s founders, puts it, a stylus gives you the chance to “think with your hands.”

David Hockney paints on iPad

David Hockney’s iPad drawings go big, 12 feet big
by Leslie Katz,

A giant exhibit at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum highlights the influential artist’s foray into iPhone and iPad art, as well as films he made using multiple digital cameras.

There are iPad draw­ings you look at on a screen, and there are iPad…

Live scribe 3 is best tool for field based research note capture

Livescribe 3 sends handwritten notes straight to your iPhone or iPad
by Rick Broida,

This pen is definitely mightier than the stylus, as it gives you real-world note-taking coupled with mobile device world syncing.

The Live­scribe 3 is a wire­less ink pen that auto­mat­i­cal­ly syncs your hand­writ­ten notes with your iPhone or…

The future of biometrics is personalization and experience

The future of biometric data tracking isn’t about devices, it’s about experiences
Ki Mae Heussner,

Every­where you look these days, there seems to be yet anoth­er sensor-enabled device or mobile app that wants to mon­i­tor every­thing from your heart rate and pos­ture to your brain waves and breath­ing pat­terns.

Dr. Leslie Saxon is the found…

iDoorCam wifi door bell and camera on Indiegogo

Why The iDoorCam Is An Indiegogo Sensation

Investors are going gaga for a smartphone-integrated doorbell that lets anyone screen visitors on a video app integrated into their iPhones or Androids.

iDoor­Cam is that rarest of things: A bona fide Indiegogo phe­nom­e­non. The Wi-Fi– enabled…

Mysterious Apple office in Boston linked to voice tech

Check out this interesting article

Mysterious Apple office in Boston linked to voice tech | Apple – CNET News.

Why health care needs Apple

Why health care needs Apple | VentureBeat.

Share-brained idea: Adventures in car sharing

Share-brained idea: Adventures in car sharing, part 1 | Grist.

Family planning as fertile ground for startups? Clue is the latest entrant

Family planning as fertile ground for startups? Clue is the latest entrant — Tech News and Analysis.

Kreyos smart watch

Kreyos Meteor smartwatch – Cell phone and smart phone accessories

CNET Editors’ Take

July 25, 2013 11:51 AM PDT

What does it take to make a great smart­watch? The Kreyos Mete­or is an effort to at least outdo the Peb­ble. Based on fea­tures, I’m inclined to agree it does…but is that enough?

I got a chanc…

Pivot head video eyewear

(via Pivothead review: video recording eyewear for (reasonably) discreet POV clips)