MIT Media Lab site lets anyone visualize government data

New MIT Media Lab Tool Lets Anyone Visualize Unwieldy Government Data

Innovation By Design

DataViva, a project developed in part by Media Lab professor César Hidalgo, aims to make a wide swath of government economic data usable with a series of visualization apps.

In the four years since the U.S. gov­ern­ment…

23andMe and the FDA: what really drove them apart

What Really Drove 23andMe And The FDA Apart

Is getting a $99 DNA test really hazardous to your health? Our editor-in-chief decodes an innovation dustup.

When we put 23andMe CEO Anne Woj­ci­c­ki on the cover of Fast Com­pa­ny’s Novem­ber issue, we didn’t expect the FDA to yank the com­pa­n…