PubPeer, PubLons online peer review sites shake up science publication

New wave of online peer review and discussion tools frightens some scientists
Chris Lee,

Sites like Publons and PubPeer hope to quicken the pace of scientific conversation. PublonsEarlier this year, I wrote a story about a new HIV/Aids detection kit that was under development. Since that time, the same group has published two more pap…

FDA and 23andme: why they did it

Why The FDA Can’t Be Flexible With 23andMe, By Law
David Kroll,

“One of the challenges is the world has been evolving and yet we have legislation that reflects a different era.”Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Almost a year ago, at the inau­gur­al Forbes…

FDA puts foot down on 23andme

No DNA Testing For You, Thanks to the FDA
By Nick Gillespie,

Per­son­al genet­ic tests are safe, inno­v­a­tive, and the future of med­i­cine. So why is the most trans­par­ent admin­is­tra­tion ever shut­ting down a cheap and pop­u­lar ser­vice? Because it can.

In its infi­nite wis­dom, the Food and Drug…

Tech companies visualize government shut down

Tech companies produce fascinating data on the government shutdown
Christina Farr,

Tick­ets On Sale Now

Tech star­tups have taken advan­tage of the data sci­en­tists and engi­neers on their staff to pro­duce some inter­est­ing stud­ies on the impact of the gov­ern­ment shut­down.

On its blog, fancy car-sharing ser­vice Uber…

FBI seizes Silk Road website

FBI seizes black market website Silk Road, arrests its founder
Jon Fingas,

Light just reached one of the dark­er cor­ners of the web: the FBI has seized Silk Road, a site infa­mous for host­ing anonymized, Bit­coin-based drug and gun sales. The move fol­lows a sting oper­a­tion that also led to the arrest of site founder…

FDA reigning in medical apps

FDA to start reining in the Wild West of medical apps
by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore,

The FDA says it is only regulating products that turn smartphones into medical devices it already oversees, such as apps that let your phone act as an electronic stethoscope or give feedback on CPR.

The Wild West of mobile med­ical apps is get­t…

What countries are most anxious about the world

What Countries Are Most Anxious About Around The World

The Japanese fret about natural disasters. The cost of living is most worrisome for Spaniards. For those in the Middle East, conflict is top of mind. Here’s a breakdown of what keeps the world up at night.

If you’re an anxiety-prone per­son, the…

What If We Named Catastrophic Hurricanes After Climate Change Deniers?

What If We Named Catastrophic Hurricanes After Climate Change Deniers?

We give hurricanes such friendly, blameless names. What did Sandy ever do to anyone? An advocacy group wants to name disastrous storms after the politicians who are blocking effective climate policy.

Spare a thought for peo­ple named Ivan,…

Did Glaxo violate its CIA?

Did Glaxo Violate Its Corporate Integrity Agreement?
Ed Silverman,

The ongo­ing bribery scan­dal that Glax­o­SmithK­line faces in China may have gen­er­at­ed sen­sa­tion­al head­lines, but its shares have most­ly trad­ed in the same nar­row range since these episode erupt­ed (back sto­ries here and here). Althoug…

Health reform will help self employed

Will health reform help part-time workers get insurance?
Consumer Reports News,

Q: I’m a part-time worker from home and my hours are variable, at times more than 40 hours a week but usually more like 25 hours a week. How does Obamacare apply in my situation? I’m a diabetic and support a family of five, so affordable…

Will health reform help part-time workers get insurance?