Mitt’s son says he was not up for the job

Mitt’s Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway
Connor Simpson,

If you thought the tale of how Mitt Rom­ney lost the gen­er­al elec­tion was already told, you would be wrong. Because there is so much left to tell, like how Mitt never want­ed to be Pres­i­dent any­way.

At least, that’s what Tagg Rom­ney says …

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Obama campaign sparks new political tech startups

The Obama start-ups

Innovation and electioneering

Techniques from the president’s election campaigns have spawned one lot of young firms

AT THE inau­gu­ra­tion ball held for staff of Barack Obama’s cam­paign team in Jan­u­ary 2009, the new pres­i­dent “told us al…

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Built to win: Deep inside Obama

Built to win: Deep inside Obama’s campaign tech
Sean Gallagher,

The reelec­tion of Barack Obama was won by peo­ple, not by soft­ware. But in a con­test as close as last week’s elec­tion, soft­ware may have given the Obama for Amer­i­ca orga­ni­za­tion’s peo­ple a tiny edge—mak­ing them by some mea­sures more…

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Obama Uses Social Networking for Content Focused Campaign


This is amongst the rare elections in my experience where the Democrats have succeeded in communications and this is due to Obama’s clever use of social networking technologies, as this MIT article describes. While McCain and Palin continue to use their crudely effective cliche sound bytes to attract less knowledgeable voters, Obama/Biden are proving that using new media channels you can deliver meaningful, content rich messages to Americans  that they will understand without reducing the campaign to a People magazine article or Superbowl commercial. Urban Legends Reference Pages (Photo credit: biggraham) Urban Legends Reference Pages.

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