A Tool To Let Companies Design Products Without Harmful Chemicals

A Tool To Let Companies Design Products Without Harmful Chemicals
BY ARIEL SCHWARTZ, fastcoexist.com

We all know BPA is bad, but so are a lot of other chemicals we don’t know too much about. A new service lets companies find out if what they’re selling us might end up being the next BPA—so they can save money before they have to recall…

RT @PopSci: A tool for ID’ing the next BPA before it hits the market, c/o @FastCompany http://flip.it/gcOET http://flip.it/Nwkh6

Stainless steel appliances are not stainless

Should Appliance Makers Pay To Replace Stainless Steel Appliances That Rust?
Chris Morran, consumerist.com

(MrStinkhead)One of the more widely held beliefs about stainless steel appliances is that they will never rust. Alas, this isn’t necessarily true, as the alloy’s corrosion-resistance depends on its level of chromium and nickel. As the demand for…


Biotechs engineer ancient organisms and speed product development

National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reprod...
National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reproduction allowed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Boston biotech companies such as Ginkgo BioWorks, Cambrian Innovation, and Manus Biosynthesis are tapping into ancient organisms and new IT capabilities to produce new solutions that are environmentally clean, US based, and fast with as little as 6 month product development life cycles. Gingko notes that 1/4 of their employees are software developers and they are run more like a chip fabrication factory, with robotic automation and bar-coding than a bio lab. The products they are developing include new electrofuels, fine chemicals such as flavors, fragrances, remediation technologies, bio-similars support and new genetic security systems using DOE, NSF, and DARPA grants.

Researchers making microbes that can do the dirty work – Boston.com.


TypesOfNewProducts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CBI: Conferences for the Pharmaceutical Industry

BioCamp participants getting insights into the...
BioCamp participants getting insights into the pharmaceutical industry (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

CBI | The Leader in Conferences for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits | Magazine

via www.wired.com

An interesting new article in Wired on the way that social networking, crowdsourcing and software driven, personal manufacturing is transforming the manufacturing of every type of good. Indeed the worlds of bit and atoms are merging at a rapid clip.

IT/Information & Decision Solutions (IDS) at P&G


IT/Information & Decision Solutions (IDS) jobs at P&G.


In looking at how different companies run their information functions and how IT is developing I studied the new IDS model at PG Information and Decision Solutions. Technology is shifting from the Systems title to Business and Solutions titles.