Vikings have more fun: UN reports Danes are happiest people

Vikings have the most fun: U.N. says Danes are the happiest people on the planet
Greg Hanscom,

ShutterstockThey don’t always look happy, but really they are.Their days of seafaring plunder are over, but Danes are still the happiest people in the world, says the U.N. How do they do it? With sustainable development, a sane workweek, and umbre…

Nanotechnology heater and cooling body wear

How Winter Woes Inspired A Nanotech Fix For Everything From Cold Necks To Knee Pain
By Shaunacy Ferro,

Kranthi Kiran Vistakula developed technology that can keep your body comfortable in outside temperatures that range from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius.

With the excep­tion of Russ­ian nov­el­ists, not many peo­ple can say their big break was inspire…

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Kumbh Mela festival is proof that crowds can be good for you

Kumbh Mela festival is proof that crowds can be good for you
Posted by Stephen Reicher,

It’s overcrowded, noisy and insanitary, but a study suggests the Kumbh Mela improves devotees’ mental and physical wellbeing

Once a year, at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in northern India, something truly remarkable happens.…

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Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley







Maggie Koerth-Baker,

More than 100 bio­med­ical and life sci­ence com­pa­nies are clus­tered in Genome Val­ley, a research park in Hyder­abad, India. (Via Joanne Man­aster)

Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley

Intelligence agencies, mired in inefficiencies, begin to adopt social science and crowd sourcing methods

US Director of National Intelligence seal
US Director of National Intelligence seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with other fields such as medicine, after years of massive costs and sometimes ineffective methods, resulting in catastrophic failures such as 9/11, new leadership at our intelligence agencies such as Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper are adopting digital and social science methods such as crowd sourcing, data science, knowledge management.  Social scientists have found that combining many people’s predictions — even if they are not experts — usually yields better results than any single person’s judgment. With 200,000 people in its direct employ, and nearly 1 million outsiders holding security clearances, the US intelligence network would seem to be a perfect place to take advantage of the wisdom of the herd — except that so many of these people work in compartmentalized and secretive units. To solve this problem, IARPA is awarding grants to teams of social scientists to craft the best approaches to pooling multiple sources of intelligence analysis, generating more accurate predictions than individual departments might manage on their own.

The examined spy – Internet cyber cafes guide all over the world.

cybercafe ecafe nancy
cybercafe ecafe nancy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Internet cyber cafes guide all over the world..