FYI: What Is Hikikomori? | Popular Science

FYI: What Is Hikikomori? | Popular Science.

Your FB likes become your demographic profile

What Your Likes On Facebook Betray About You
By Shaunacy Ferro,

Another nail in the coffin for Facebook privacy: An algorithm can accurately predict your demographic info, political preferences, and more, just by looking at your “likes.”

Think of all the pages you’ve “liked” on Face­book. Per­haps a favorite…

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iPhone as psycho research lab

Your iPhone Is A Reliable Research Lab
By Shaunacy Ferro,

A new study says that smartphones are feasible for use in psychological testing.

Josef Bless, a PhD can­di­date in psy­chol­o­gy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bergen in Nor­way, was lis­ten­ing to music on his phone when he noticed the sim­i­lar­i­ty…

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Things the Internet does to our love lives

5 Terrible Things The Internet Does To Our Love Lives
By Shaunacy Ferro,

And why that’s good for science. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re the kind of per­son who’s even vague­ly aware of Valen­tine’s Day, you’re prob­a­bly either Yelp­ing a good restau­rant to take your date to or search­ing Face­book for anoth­er…

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Digital Tool Ages Your Face To Scare You Into Saving Money

Digital Tool Ages Your Face To Scare You Into Saving Money
By Colin Lecher,

People save more for retirement when they see older versions of themselves, so Merrill Edge is more than happy to make you look old and wrinkly.

Did you know that if you see an age-enhanced ver­sion of your­self, you’re more like­ly to save extr…

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