Baby’s cells found in mother’s brain

Scientists Find Children’s Cells Living In Mothers’ Brains
Jennifer Chait,

Image Courtesy of ShutterstockMany would argue that the mother-baby bond during pregnancy is the strongest human connection possible. During pregnancy, a mother is connected physically and psychologically to her child, and her baby…

Finding good Usernames

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How to describe environmental science to conservatives

Concept Of “Purity” Makes Conservatives Care About Environmental Issues
By Rebecca Boyle,

Re-framing environmental rhetoric so it appeals to conservatives can really work, a study finds.

It’s not that polit­i­cal con­ser­v­a­tives don’t care about things like cli­mate change, recy­cling and deforestation—it’s that they don’t care ab…

RT @PopSci: Pro tip: Framing environmental issues in terms of Earth’s “purity” or “sanctity” can coax conservatives to care: