Node is an iPhone scientific sensor

Hands On With The Node, A Sensor-Packed Smartphone Dongle
John Biggs

Hands On With The Node, A Sensor-Packed Smartphone Dongle

As a sci­en­tist prac­tic­ing actu­al, bona fide sci­ence, I have often found myself in need of imme­di­ate g-force read­ings or baro­met­ric pres­sure analy­ses for my sci­en­tif­ic prob­lems. Where­as before I had to use my sex­tant and tri­dent…

High Speed Science: NIH vs. 23andMe Smackdown

Image representing 23andMe as depicted in Crun...
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Another excellent article on turning the scientific method on its head using new web based social networking data mining methods versus hypothesis/testing. For example compares the conventional approach of NIH to that of 23andMe in studying Parkinson’s which lead to a reduction in research time from 6 years to 8 months.