Swann Platinum-HD security system packs four 1080p cameras

Swann Platinum-HD security system packs four 1080p cameras, 2TB DVR for $1,600
Zach Honig, engadget.com

We don’t fol­low the sur­veil­lance space as close­ly as we do, say, smart­phones or tablets, but this four-camera HD sys­tem from Swann Secu­ri­ty does in fact seem to be the first 1080p-capa­ble con­sumer prod­uct of its kind, so we’re here to…


Dropcam adds split screen

Dropcam Updates Their iPad App So You Can Watch Your World In Split-Screen
John Biggs, techcrunch.com

I’ve used a few wire­less, always-on web­cams in my day and I’ve found Drop­cam to be the best. Sud­den­ly, how­ev­er, Drop­cam just got bet­ter.

Drop­cam cam­eras con­nect wire­less­ly to the Inter­net, allow­ing you to con­nect to them remote­…