Nissan Launches the World’s First Electric Mobile Office 

The ability to work from anywhere has allowed wanderlust-hungry individuals the chance to live as digital nomads. If you’re one of them, its seems like the entire world is your office, with the flexibility to spend a few days or weeks in one locale before moving onto another adventure. Nissan has created their own version of a movable office with the e-NV200 WORKSPACe, the world’s first electric-powered van that has everything you’d need to conduct business on the road.In collaboration with UK-based design workshop Studio Hardie, the zero-emission e-NV200 features the comforts that you’d see in a conventional office. It has an integrated fold-out desk, touch-screen computer, wireless internet, Bluetooth audio, smartphone-controlled lights, and a mini-fridge.To conserve space, many elements of the interior design are concealed and only revealed when you need to use them. The barista-quality coffee maker, for instance, rises from a hidden compartment and onto the counter; a folding…

Source: Nissan Launches the World’s First Electric Mobile Office – My Modern Met

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