Plume Labs uses air quality big data and open government to save lives

It would be harder to find buzzier buzzwords these days than “Big Data” and “Smart Cities” and “Open Government.”

Source: With air pollution app, Plume Labs wants to prove that big data and open government can save lives | VentureBeat | Big Data | by Chris O’Brien

Meet the ‘digital nomads’ 

For these ‘citizens of the world’, the office can be anything from a beach hut in Brisbane to a Starbucks in Seattle, thanks to the growing prevalence of remote-based work. But roaming the globe from cafe to cafe is not without its challenges

Source: Meet the ‘digital nomads’ who travel the world in search of fast Wi-Fi | Cities | The Guardian

How Far Will People Push Tesla’s Million-Mile Warranty?

How Far Will People Push Tesla’s Million-Mile Warranty? – Now that Tesla has uncapped the limit for its 8-year Model S powertrain warranty to “infinite” miles, how far might some Model S drivers actually be able t[…]

Source: How Far Will People Push Tesla’s Million-Mile Warranty?

Anthropology of wearables: who uses them?


The Public Health Institute’s Iana Simeonov is highlighted in this Forbes article on the use of wearable devices to monitor health data, arguing that while the market for wearables has expanded dramatically in recent years, the populations suffering from chronic health issues who could most benefit from these devices are not being reached with the technology.

Source: Why Healthcare Wearables Are Out Of Reach For People Who Need Them Most – Public Health Institute