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  1. Very interesting article. They seemed to work even in winter because children were supplied with hots and mittens and even something like a sleeping bag. They also felt this would combat tuberculosis but also that cold air was good for people and made them stronger. Sammy will get a lot of outdoor time at Riverbend and he certainly does at home.

    I just reread an article “Fleeing the City Creates Frenzy in the Suburbs.” “In the Hudson River Valley, a nearly three-acre property with a pool listed for $985.000 received four all-cash bids within a day of having 14 showings.” Another “three bedroom house in East Orange, NJ was listed for sale for $285.000, had 97 showings, received 24 offers and went under contract for 21 percent over that price.” Very interesting!!!!!

    I hope all is well.

    love you, mum


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